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The Porto International Cup was designed to allow your team to take the most out of the 3 intense days of competition. The tournament will be divided into:

  • Thursday (Group-Stage)

  • Friday (Play-offs)

  • Saturday (Finals and Placement Games)



  • U10/11 - Born on or after 01.01.2014

  • U12/13 - Born on or after 01.01.2012

  • U14/15 - Born on or after 01.01.2010

  • U16/17 - Born on or after 01.01.2008


  • U14/15 - Born on or after 01.01.2009

  • U18/19 - Born on or after 01.01.2006



The tournament is played according to FIFA Rules.

The order among the teams will be decided according to points. 3 points will be awarded for a win, 1 point for a draw, and 0 points for a loss.

If two or more teams finish with the same number of points, the ranking will be decided according to the following criteria: 1. Results between teams (games between both) with the same number of points; 2. Goal difference; 3. Greater number of goals scored; 4. Penalty shootout according to FIFA rules.

Play-off Matches

A draw in the playoff matches will be decided by penalty kicks (5) according to FIFA rules.


Substitutions may be made without stopping the game and without consulting the referee, using the following procedure: the player who is going to be substituted must leave the field before the replacement enters the field and always by the center line of the field. A substituted player may re-enter the match. Notice that the game has to be stopped and the referee has to be informed by substitution of a goalkeeper.

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